Great rugby food

Great rugby food

This weekend, it’s all about the ruggers as the 6 Nations competition gets underway. And I have to say, it’ll be the most excitement that my living room will have seen since Andy won Wimbledon. The other half and I have invited a bunch of our rugby-loving chums round to watch the games on Saturday (and of course, I can’t let the side down by not serving up the tastiest Scotch Beef half-time treats).

Like having a room filled with slightly rowdier Joey’s from Friends, I think these ‘rough yins’ will only be content with sandwiches. But not any old sandwiches – big, meaty Scotch Beef sandwiches (and it’ll leave one hand free for a beer).

I know Scotland doesn’t have the best track record in the 6 Nations, but I think this recipe might just be good enough to distract even the most die-hard fan from their usual mid-match moaning.

Scotch Beef steak sandwichScreen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.37.33

The good thing about these warm steak sandwiches is, you can prepare them without the steak ahead of time, then simply throw the steaks on the griddle for 5 mins at the end of the first half and they’ll be ready to munch in time for the second, no problem.

But, if you’d rather watch the commentary in half-time instead, these roast beef wraps can all be done before your guests arrive.

Roast Scotch Beef wraps
Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.38.10

Both of these hearty sandwich recipes are filling enough for your guests to last through two matches without any rumbly tummies.

Now most weekends, I’d say one get-together would be more than enough but this isn’t ‘most weekends’ – 6 Nations time is different. And with a game on Sunday too, there really isn’t another option but to invite a couple of my family members round to have a roast dinner and then watch the match all full up and contented. Although I’m usually the head chef at Chez Suzie, because I’m making the steak sandwiches on Saturday, I’m handing over the responsibility of the Sunday roast to my other half. Some would say that’s a brave move but I’m not too worried (mainly because I’ve already downloaded the perfect steaks and roast app onto his phone and he’s following this recipe, so he can’t go wrong). If you haven’t got the app you can download it at App Store or Google Play.

Roast topside of Scotch Beef
Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.38.20 

So there’s only one more thing to say and that’s good luck to all the teams who are playing this weekend – come on boys! (If you can play half as well as you can grow beards at the moment, then we’ll be golden.)

Suzie x

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