Cheery recipes for a dreary January

Cheery recipes for a dreary January

What’s a girl to do on a dreary wintry day other than cheer myself up with something hot and tasty? With all the official partying over, January – bless it – can leave a lot to be desired so I’ve pulled these recipes together to cheer us all up and bring some colour to your plate. They’re also good value for money, because if you’re anything like me things will be a bit tight (and I’m not just talking about my post-Christmas waistline!). Hopefully these will help you through the long weeks till payday!

Gourmet Cottage PieIMG_3085_Hero-600x250Arctic conditions are rumoured to be hitting us soon, so what better way to stay cosy than by cooking in the kitchen! This gorgeous Gourmet Cottage Pie recipe uses shin of Scotch Beef braised in red wine, cloves and much more.

Simple Scotch BrothScotch-Broth--600x250Scotch Broth sounds fittingly austere for a January dish, but it’s hugely tasty thanks to all the fresh seasonal veg such as turnip and carrots. Yum!

Roast Beef with Blueberries605x250_roast_beef_blueberries-600x250This is the superfood version of classic Roast Scotch Beef, starring blueberry sauce. These ripe tiny berries are bursting with vit C, so it will help keep you healthy when everyone seems to be under the weather.

Minted Lamb Burgers605x250_minted_lamb_burgers-600x250Chunky chips go perfectly with these Minted Scotch Lamb Burgers – but if you’re being ultra good try teaming the burgers with a tasty salad instead. (Shine that halo!)

Beef Biryani 605x250_beef_biryani_curry-600x250You can’t beat a curry when it’s cold outside and this recipe gives you a brilliant way to use up your leftover Scotch Beef.

Lamb Ragu

Lamb Ragu

Lamb Ragu is warming and wonderful. Pasta is another great ingredient for giving us loads of energy on freezing days and nights.

Lamb Fajitas605x250-LAMB-FAJITAS-600x250Scotch Lamb is so versatile that it’s even brilliant teamed up with a Mexican Fajita recipe (when it comes to using really top quality ingredients, anything goes!). And the spiciness is just perfect on chilly (pardon the pun) days and nights.

Giant’s Meaty Beef Bread605x250-MEATY-BEEF-BREAD-600x250I’m planning a big long walk this weekend (hopefully all that rain will stay far away!) and this fantastically filling Meaty Beef Bread will satisfy my friends afterwards. As well as drawing on my own recipe book, I found the following recipes out there in foodland. They’re so good I just had to share them with you.

Lamb Vindaloo Tacos with Cucumber Raita Lamb Vindaloo Tacos with Cucumber Raita and pickled onions.This Lamb Taco recipe is mouth-watering magic… it’s Mexico meets South Asia on a plate. Enjoy!

Sausage Pasta SkilletSausage Pasta 600x400pxThis is such an easy, tasty dish that I couldn’t leave it out of this week’s blog. And it’s all made in one pan. Less mess. And all made within half an hour. Result!

Roast Scotch Beef, French Onion and Grilled Cheese SandwichBeef Toasty 600x400pxIf this glamorous sandwich doesn’t take my mind off dreary days, I don’t know what will! Try it. It’s amazing.

So that’s me signing off… and reaching for my fingerless gloves. Stay warm and take care out there.

Suzie x

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