Easy low carb recipes

Easy low carb recipes

Low carb eating comes naturally – sometimes!

Now, you might think I’m a bit late to the ‘low carb eating’ party but whilst I’ve never actually stated that I’m on the Atkins diet (other low carb diets are available!), I suppose I often fit into the category unwittingly. Some of my favourite suppers use low carb recipes. And I’ve got a few girlfriends ‘getting ready for summer’ who’ve been eating low carb, on and off, over the last few months and I’ve never had a problem catering for them at my famous soirées.

Research says that on a low carb diet we burn more calories than on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, so there is a certain metabolic advantage to the controlled carb approach. But for me, I prefer to just eat healthily (once in a while) and naturally that does include more than the occasional low carb meal.

Scotch Beef and Lamb contain no carbs at all, which is why healthy eaters are so fond of them. And when I throw in salad greens, fresh vegetables, low sugar fruit, nuts, seeds and whole grains, I know I’m creating delicious dishes with added health benefits.

If you’re thinking low carb, it’s best to go high quality for a real taste sensation. Here are my absolute favourite Scotch Beef and Lamb low carb dishes.

Butterflied lemony lamb fillet
I serve a simple green salad with my lemony fillet, every time. (And, I know it’s a cliché, but most of the men I know need a few potatoes on the side or they don’t feel they’ve really had a meal.)

Butterflied Lemony lamb fillet
Rather special Scotch Beef burger
(Yes, there’s a bun. But if you have the will power, leave it off. Add cheese on top – the longer it’s aged, the lower it will be in carbs.)

Rather special burger

If, like me, you like a little visual help making your burgers, here’s a great video that guarantees the finished product is so deliciously gorge-ous, it’ll give the Hard Rock a run for its money.

Sirloin steak
This next one is low carbs fit for a king. I wouldn’t do it for the girls coming round but when I want to prepare a special treat for my better half, I can’t go wrong with meat. Pure and simple. I usually prepare a quick side of stir-fried broccoli, leek and spring onions though, to tell you the truth, I don’t think he even notices the veg.

Sirloin steak

Scotch Lamb spirals with feta and vegetables
This is one of my soirée specials. It looks as good as it tastes, which is meaty and fresh. And I think everyone reckons that it’s a lot more time-consuming to prepare than it is.

Scotch Lamb Spirals with feta and vegetables

Lamb sausage patties with fresh mint, feta, and garlic
A great one for prepping the day before. Just cover freshly made patties and pop in the fridge overnight. Per person, you’re looking at about a gram of carbs, all in. Oh! Not including the hot crusty bread I like to munch with my Scotch Lamb sausage patties.

Lamb sausage patties with fresh mint, feta and garlic

Rich and creamy beef stroganoff
When I found out how low this stroganoff is in carbs, it went straight into the healthy eating section of my recipe book. And, because it takes a little more time to prep than I usually have, I make a huge pot and freeze batches.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 09.59.18

Meat rub recipes
You might remember I blogged about meat rubs back in April? If you want something a bit different on your low carb Scotch Beef and Lamb, have a look back at the spicy combinations for inspiration.

Meat Rub blog
Talking of inspiration, there’s a lot more to drool over in the website. Have a look and see what takes your fancy.

I hope you get the low carb results you’re after (dropping a few pounds or just feeling a little smug for all the healthy eating) and please do get in touch below if you’ve got a Scotch Beef and Lamb low carb favourite that I’ve missed.

Happy eating!
Suzie x

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