Father’s Day recipes

Father’s Day recipes

Dads. Don’t we just love ‘em. And there’s no better way to show the love than cooking a great meal. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, is it not?

And maybe it’s just me, but I think making something gorgeous is far nicer than scouring the shops for that elusive perfect present for the man who, let’s face it, is old enough to have everything already. Mine is all gadget-ed out. And I refuse to be so dull as to buy him a tie or a jumper. So here are my top recipes for Father’s Day, from the fast to the fiddly, all guaranteed to be a big hit.

First up is Scotch Lamb steak with cumin, cardamom and lime.

I know it sounds on the fancy side but it’s really quick and simple. There’s even a handy video so you can follow the expert making it (I find it really helpful watching someone tackling things like getting the seeds out of a cardamom pod, which is easy once you know how). The whole thing takes about 15 minutes to prepare and ten minutes to cook.

If spices aren’t your dad’s thing, you could go for a more traditional Steak and mushroom pie.Steak-and-Mushroom-Pie-600x250

This recipe uses ready-made puff pastry to simplify pie making, saving time. Match it with some mash and give him some good beer to wash it down with. You should be able to pick some from your supermarket along with your Scotch Beef – check here for your local Scotch Beef and Lamb supplier.

Another failsafe option for Father’s Day is Lasagne Al Forno. Serve it up with a crispy green salad, garlic bread and red wine (you’ll have a bottle open anyway, because this recipe uses a nice big glug!). This great recipe is straightforward and uses time-savers such as ready-made béchamel sauce. Top it off with torn fresh mozzarella and you’ll look like a total pro.


Father’s Day is of course on a Sunday (she says, stating the obvious), and Sunday’s aren’t complete without a Roast. So here you can discover how to cook the perfect roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. The quality of the meat is, as always, all-important, so buy perfect boned and rolled Scotch Beef silverside. Fresh steaming Yorkshire puds are the business, topped with lashings of gravy – this recipe makes it with port and red wine, yum! Move over, Mum.


Another option your dad might love is the ultimate All Day Breakfast, especially if he likes rolling out of bed at lunchtime after the longest of lie-ins. For a really slap up Father’s Day version you’ll want the works: rump steak, sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, hash browns and mushrooms. And if the weather holds, you might want to fire up the barbie later on and use some of our top 10 BBQ recipes.

Hope these top recipes for Father’s Day are helpful. Have a brilliant day!
Let me know what you have planned for him below, I’d love to hear.

Suzie x

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