Happy British Sandwich Week

Happy British Sandwich Week

It’s British Sandwich Week during 14th-20th May 2017 which means we’re celebrating what has been described as Britain’s best culinary invention (also often described as ‘my secret weapon’ by my other half). It’s true, I do go to town. It’s because I think sandwiches should basically be nothing less than a portable feast. One that you don’t need to use cutlery for, but a feast nonetheless.

Some might think the humble sarnie is rather basic and unassuming – but they should definitely think again. Between two slices of bread there’s a magical realm of delicious possibilities. So magical in fact that back in the sixties two NASA astronauts got into a spot of bother having smuggled a corned beef sarnie into their spaceship. True story. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily have put sandwich on my list of space mission must-have foods but now I’ve complied a top ten for British Sandwich Week, I absolutely would. Maybe one round of each would see me through an orbit of the world?

1. Steak sandwich with caramelised onionsScotch Beef Steak Sandwich

As if the succulent Scotch Beef steak wasn’t enough, those caramelised onions and balsamic vinegar add such a wonderful depth of flavour to the whole thing.

2. Triple-decker steak skyscraperSource www.bbcgoodfood.com

A meaty, mighty, monster of a sandwich that will make you weak in the knees. This Gordon Ramsey classic uses capers and gherkin sauce, which gives it that wonderful zingy taste.

3. Roast Beef club sandwichSource www.health.com

A healthy take on the club sandwich, using Scotch Beef. Those of us who are on a health kick (I’m proud to have kept it up since January) are in for a (low-carb) treat. And for those not on a health kick, fries on the side is must!

4. Stilton & cranberry toastieSource - www.bbcgoodfood.com

Sometimes, only a grilled cheese toastie will do – and this one more than delivers. Stilton and cranberry go together beautifully and, of course, you can mix it up with Brie or any other cheese you fancy.

5. Lamb and guacamole wrapsSource www.goodtoknow.co.uk

Controversial, I know; but I think that wraps definitely qualify as sandwiches. And this one is summery and delicious. Why not make your own guac – it’s half the fun!

6. Mexican sweet potato and beans wrapsSource - www.goodtoknow.co.uk

This veggie wrap packs a punch, with Mexican seasoning, sweet potato and beans. Prep time is 30 mins so it’s pretty Speedy Gonzales too.

7. Smoked salmon, avocado and brie on rye breadSource www.smokehouse.ie

A great recipe that oozes zesty, summery flavours. And I think the seeded rye adds extra charm.

8. Sweet chilli pulled beef in a rollSweet Chilli Pulled Beef

Guest blogger Cathy created this especially for us a while back, and we can’t get enough of this recipe.

9. Scotch Beef wrapsScotch Beef Wraps

It’s easy enough to get your hands on slices of roast Scotch Beef, but this is my go-to sandwich when I have chunky leftovers too. Not one to eat delicately in public, but it’s a fav with my other half when he comes in starving and needs a quick snack, in a matter of minutes.

10. Lamb minted burgersMinted Lamb Burgers

Can a burger count as a sandwich? I definitely think so but let me know if you disagree.

Hope you enjoy this British celebration as much as I will be.

Suzie x

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