How to cook one-pot recipes with Scotch Beef and Lamb

How to cook one-pot recipes with Scotch Beef and Lamb

There’s a lot to be said for one-pot recipes. All good, of course. Firstly, something happens with flavours when they hang about together in one big pot, they seem to complement each other so much better. Secondly, one-pot recipes tend to be easy peasy – throw all the ingredients in and just give them a bit of time to cook and you’re done. And thirdly, and pretty importantly, they really save on the washing up. So I’m sold.

Here are my top 10 one-pot recipes, which if you give them a try, I promise they’ll be the saviours of your midweek suppers.

Fragrant lamb stew
Using leftover meat from a roast is another way to make a one-pot dish easy and speedy. This black bean chilli and Scotch broth use leftover beef chunks from my Sunday roast, which is a great way of making sure nothing goes to waste.

Beef and black bean chilli


Scotch brothScotch-Broth--600x250


Pulled spiced beef brisketPulled-beef

This pulled beef recipe is about as easy as it gets, and at less than 20 minutes to prepare, it’s the overtired cook’s dream. But, it does take about 3½ hours to cook, so unless you like to eat extraordinarily late, then I’d prepare this one the day before. Then, the next day you reheat the meat, pop in a taco shell, dollop with sour cream and you’re done – dinner in 3 minutes.

Armenian lamb casserole605x250_armenian_lamb_casserole-600x250


Slow cooker beef curry

It wouldn’t be right to have a blog about one-pot recipes without having one for the slow cooker, because what could be better than coming home from work and your supper is already ready? Try this one-pot beef curry and I’m sure your local Indian takeaway will miss you.

Sausage and lentil one-pot


Moroccan meatballs with eggsmoroccan

This Moroccan meatball recipe is great for a weeknight supper, but actually, I love it for a hearty lunch with chums, too. You can just pop this in the centre of the table with a ladle and let everyone help themselves, not forgetting some crusty bread as big dipping soldiers for the yolks. Yum.

Beef stew with dumplingsbeefstewwithdumpling


One-pot stovetop lasagneplated-lasagna

I hate to pick favourites, but this one-pot lasagne is a lifesaver, particularly when you want these classic Italian flavours but you want them in a hurry. So it’s not as perfect looking as a lasagne that you’d slave over for a whole Sunday afternoon, but who cares?

On a bog-standard Tuesday evening you’ll be absolutely delighted with this one-pot wonder – trust me, I always am.

Do you have any cracking one-pot recipes that I need to try? Please get in touch below, I’d be excited to hear all your meal ideas.

Happy cooking!

Suzie x

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