In search of the ultimate burger

In search of the ultimate burger

When I was growing up, the only burgers we had at home were the occasional “treat” that were defrosted as my dear old mum tried to copy the heavenly treats you had in those new fangled fast food joints (Cutlery-free eating! Things called fries!)

These days, specialist burger restaurants are popping up everywhere and falling over themselves to outdo each other with exotic, stacked creations. And every top chef has got in on the act too, from Heston‘s perfect cheeseburger to Gordon’s Ultimate Burger and Jamie’s Insanity Burger, Yup, burgers have gone all sexy on us.

We all have our favourite styles and tastes. Some like them simple, others go for the sloppy, messy multi-topping variety. Then there’s the plain weird toppings. Nutella anyone? Mac n cheese? Your burger in a doughnut??? Yes, really….

Me? I like the simple, with a little twist. I want them tasty, quick and easy, and made with delicious Scotch Beef and Lamb that I don’t have to smother. In other words, pretty much the opposite of what I had as a kid. So here’s a few of my favs.

Oven baked piri piri burgers with Mediterranean vegetablesIn search of the ultimate burger…In search of the ultimate burger – Oven baked piri piri burger

This only takes about 25 minutes and is dead easy to put together. Nice n thick slices of veg work wonders with the delicious Scotch Beef mince and spices. Depending on how much of a kick you’re after, (and how brave you’re feeling) you can adjust the amount of chilli you use.

Rather Special Beef Burger605x250_rather_special_burger-600x250In search of the ultimate burger – Rather special beef burger

The caramelized onions make for a glorious, golden and sticky topping for the lovely lean Scotch Beef Mince. I go for olive ciabatta, warmed a little under the grill, loaded up with fresh salad, and a cheeky drizzle of blue cheese dressing for that rather special addition.

Argyll Burger SandwichIn search of the ultimate burger…Argyll burger sandwichIn search of the ultimate burger – Argyll burger sandwich

A tower of meaty power, this seriously tasty treat tastes as good as it looks, I like to add a little wholegrain mustard, pesto or curry paste to give it a little extra bit of oomph.

Want to see how easy it all is?
Check out this video of how to make lip smacking Scotch Lamb burgers in less than 15 minutes. Chuck in some green chilli, garlic, curry powder, cumin and coriander seeds and you’re all set for burger heaven!

I’d love to hear about your ultimate burger creations (however weird and wonderful). Let me know your top toppings and what you think is the secret to making your Scotch Beef or Lamb burger the bestest, tastiest burger of them all.

Oh and no defrosting involved please….

Suzie x

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