Lamb recipes – three degrees of difficulty

Lamb recipes – three degrees of difficulty

Are you like me? Sometimes I’m up with the birds, shaking the world by the shoulders and bouncing around the room with the tunes blasting. Other days I need three cups of coffee brought to me (by someone looking a little nervous), before I can operate a toaster. So, given that life must go on, it’s not a bad idea to have a range of recipe ideas from super-easy, to switch-brain-to-full-power-this-is-going-to-be-a-challenge. And, you might be surprised to hear you can do this with lamb. Yes, this much-misconceived meat doesn’t have to be tricky and doesn’t have to be slow-cooked for hours.

Now’s a great time for lamb as having spent the summer enjoying the lush pastures their meat now has a deeper richer taste. So, I’ve pulled together a few of my fave recipes and ordered them from easy… to proper flippin’ tricky! And don’t worry they all taste great; especially if you use Scotch Lamb which has PGI status. What’s that again? PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication – which basically means that if you see the logo – it’s the genuine article, fully traceable back to its Scottish farm and packed full of quality and taste.

Difficulty Level: Easy

These are for days when I wave goodbye to the people I’m speaking to… on the phone.

Scotch Lamb Pitta Pockets
This tasty, simple ‘mix, fill and grill’ recipe is a great one to do with kids, or when you’re feeling as capable as a small child. Spicy, tasty and quick, it’s a guaranteed hit!Hero-Image_600x250
Lamb En Croute
If you want to make a splash without working too hard… this is the one for you. It looks a million dollars (that’s £76,8167.18 btw 🙂 ) but actually only takes 15 minutes to prep.Scotch-Kitchen-Lamb-En-Croute
Pesto Scotch Lamb Cutlets with Parmesan Pasta

Brimming with zest and zing this recipe is disproportionately easy compared to the results.605x250_pesto_lamb_cutlets_parmesan_pasta-600x250
Simplest Spiced Lamb Stew

If you like your lamb falling off the bone, without having to fall over yourself… get your clicking finger ready. This recipe has it all; a rich, spicy, cinnamon flavour, tenderness, and the difficultly level similar to that of eating ice-cream on a hot

Difficulty Level: Medium

I use these on days when I’m feeling reasonably competent – but I’m also watching my favourite boxset while cooking (I’m re-re-watching Faulty Towers just now and can’t get enough).

Scotch Lamb and Red Pepper Moussaka
There’s a fair bit to do here but, like a true friend, it’s very forgiving too. This is hearty, healthy, Greek food that’s come good.moussaka-600x300
Lamb and Aubergine Dhansak

This is your chance to get the Garam Masala out and give your tastebuds a charge. Looking through this recipe again I have to be careful not to drool on my keyboard! Sorry, am I oversharing again?!!Lamb-and-Aubergine-Dhansak-Header-Image-600x250
Thai Style Green Lamb Curry

Treat yourself to a trip to Thailand with this vibrant, gingery curry. The balance of deep lamb flavour that you get at this time of year goes really well with spices, so this is definitely a seasonal go-to of mine.605x250_thai_green_lamb_curry-600x250
Greek Lamb with Potatoes and Olives

I love this rustic one-pot recipe – not just because it saves on dishes – but also because the way it fuses and keep flavours inside creates unique, soft and complementary tastes; it’s easy to make and hard to beat.greek lamb

Difficulty Level: Hard

These are my trickier recipes; the ones where I have to baton down the hatches, put the Do Not Disturb sign up, and remind myself not to be too generous with my glass of wine while I’m cooking… because this is where things get really interesting! This is for days when I’m showing the world how it’s done (we all have at least one of these a year!!).

Braised Scotch Lamb Shanks with Lemon and Garlic
Think the title sounds good? Wait till you see the picture. This is heaven. The garlic complements the mature lamb taste and the lemon offsets it and… Aaaah. I’ve done it now – I have to make it tonight now!!! I can’t resist.Lamb-shank
Lamb Cassoulet
A delicate, refined meal with a crunch on top: It satisfies time and again. Enjoy.Lamb-Cassoulet-Header-Image-600x250
Salt-baked lamb shanks

Now we’re getting down to business. This is the one I save for when I want to impress (or beg for forgiveness!). Finished with a blow-torch, it’ll blow minds and taste buds with its succulent shanks and softened garlic cloves. Your fellow diners will be on their knees.salt-baked-lamb-shanks
So, there we have it…
From easy to hard, and each one worth every drop of concentration… Now, I must go back to attending to my temporary John Cleese addiction!!

Suzie x

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