Meat rub recipes

Meat rub recipes

Meat rubs are so in at the moment. I think it’s with the popularity of pulled meats and briskets coming over from the States of late (probably because we’ve all watched so much Man v. Food that we long for that southern, smoky goodness). Well that’s what I blame it on in my household, anyway.

Now, of course, we Scotch Beef and Lamb fans know that good meat tastes great just with a little salt and pepper, but if you want something a bit different, a dry meat rub can really bring a new dimension to your meaty dishes. They just shake it up a little!

And when I was looking for the perfect meat rub recipes, I discovered that it’s somewhat of a science to get the perfect, well-balanced flavours (who knew?). Turns out, the 4S’s when it comes to dry rubs are:

Salt – an obvious one for seasoning your meat
Sugar – which creates a gorgeous, caramelised crust on your meat
Savoury – this is where your herbs and garlic come in. These give your rub its earthy depth
Spicy – this doesn’t have to mean hot. A little spice just brings your meat to life.

So now I know the basics, I’m ready to rub. Armed with my trusty pestle and mortar (which is actually a little broken due to an overzealous pestling incident) I’m getting to grips with some fantastic meat rub recipes.

Chicago steakhouse rub

Gone are the days when a steak dinner out would undoubtedly be drenched in a peppercorn sauce (although not to knock that, it is delish). These days you’re far more likely to get a steak which has been seasoned to perfection with some kind of dry meat rub, like this Chicago steakhouse rub. It’s simple to make, easy to keep in batches and absolutely delicious. If you’re a dry rub first-timer, this is the perfect one to start on – it’s so good in fact, you might never move on from it. My other half can’t get enough of it; he’d sprinkle it on his cereal if I’d let him.

Indian spice rub recipe

Lamb loves a bit of Indian inspired flavours. It really does makes the meat sing. And although this spice rub would be perfect on a lovely leg of lamb, I actually used it to coat a rack of lamb and it was sensational. The bones were nibbled clean.

Smoked beef brisket rub

Last, but certainly not least, you can’t talk about meat rubs without mentioning a beef brisket. A rub is perfect on meats that are cooked long and slow because they don’t burn like marinades can, and they create a wonderful ‘bark’ on the meat that everyone will fight over. This is the type of recipe that Nigella would be creeping down at midnight in her dressing gown for and devouring the leftovers straight from the fridge ­– it’s that good.

If you’re at a loss of what to cook this weekend then ponder no more. These meat rub recipes are the business, and will become family favourites, I have no doubt. Or do you have a secret spice mix that makes your meat moreish? If so, I’d love to hear about them! Get in touch and let me know in the comments box below.

Happy cooking!

Suzie x

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