Meet Our Summer Butcher

Meet Our Summer Butcher

Having provided locals far and wide with prime cuts for over 50 years now, S. Collins and Son are a butcher who certainly know their meats. From fresh cuts to gourmet boxes for when you fancy something extra special, they’re famed for their diverse range which can all be delivered straight to your doorstep. With all that expertise, we decided to get in touch to see if they had any advice on achieving the perfect BBQ feast.

What do you find people buy most in the summer?

A lot of our customers like to keep it simple on the BBQ so our wide range of Burgers and Sausages are always very popular! New this year is our Lamb Merguez Sausage which has quite a kick and is perfect when barbequed. Our Minty Lamb Burgers are also a customer favourite, and the Garden Oil marinade provides fantastic flavour. If you’re after a classic beef burger, our extensive range includes our Award Winning Ultimate Burger and our popular Steaklet Burger with its hints of onion.

What cuts of Scotch Lamb and Beef would you recommend for barbequing? Are there any cuts you would particularly recommend to someone who wants to keep it quite healthy?

Our Scotch Lamb Steaks are perfect on the BBQ, cooked slowly to retain their flavour. You can’t beat a Steak on the BBQ either, and our 21 day aged Ribeye Steak is absolutely perfect. Cook it for three minutes on each side and let the BBQ flavour seep through!

While our Lamb Steaks and Ribeye are very healthy, a possible leaner option with zero fat would be our Lamb Double Loin Chops or a Sirloin Steak. Aged again for a minimum of 21 days, a sirloin is a flavoursome, tender and healthy option.

Can you recommend any good marinades for BBQing Scotch Lamb and Beef?

An ideal lamb marinade on the BBQ is our Garden Oil. When drizzled over our Lamb Chops after our Garden Mint coater, it provides unbelievably tasty results. Our Chilly Willy Oil on our Ribeye Steak again provides fantastic flavour, while a new favourite of our customers is our Coffee and Black Pepper Sirloin or Ribeye Steaks. An unusual combination but it does work!

Do you have any quick and easy marinade recipes that people can create themselves? How long should people let meat marinate before cooking?

A very simple and quick marinade is a combination of crushed peppercorns, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice. Add your desired cut of meat and marinade for a minimum of 24 hours to achieve the optimum flavour.

It can sometimes be difficult to strike a balance between making sure meat is cooked through and not over doing it on the BBQ. Is there an optimum time to let the BBQ heat before cooking cuts of meat on it? How can people make sure that meat is perfectly cooked through?

We would recommend letting your BBQ heat up for a minimum of 20 minutes before cooking any cuts of meat. If you are BBQing traditionally with coals, always make sure they are white before placing your meat on the grill. Turn them once and temperature probe them once they are cooked to check they are at least 82°C in the centre. You should be able to pick up a temperature probe from your local butcher.

If someone wanted to have an indoor BBQ, what cuts of meat could help them to achieve a BBQ feel in the oven or on the grill?

Our BBQ Pork Ribs have always been a customer favourite and, while perfect slow cooked on the BBQ, you can also achieve that BBQ taste in the oven. Our 21 day aged Ribeye and Sirloin Steaks marinated in our most popular Chilly Willy Oil will always provide that summer BBQ feel, not only on the BBQ but also oven cooked or on the grill.

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