Preparing for Winter at Newhouse of Glamis Farm

Preparing for Winter at Newhouse of Glamis Farm

We headed to Newhouse of Glamis to have a chat with farmer, Kay Adam. The family farm has been in the Adam family for four generations. From the farm upkeep and routine autumn preparations to tasty tips on eating Scotch Beef and Lamb, Kay lets us in on the responsibilities and rewards of her job.

During the autumn there must be a lot of preparation for the winter months. What are the most important tasks for you over the autumn months for the health and welfare of your animals?

Autumn is our harvest month and when we must get the animals prepared for the winter. Our cattle and sheep get health checks, are fed with good quality feed, and are provided with comfortable straw bedding. We can then go on through the winter months and produce our Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb.

What is the most rewarding part of your job over the autumn months?

In autumn, the cows are calving and any new life on the farm is very rewarding. The Ram and Bull sales also fall in autumn and I just love giving the sale chat to prospective purchasers, providing them with stories of each animal. There’s nothing more rewarding than selling something you have bred and reared yourself, especially when buyers come back again and again. Scotch quality always sells well.

Do you ever meet up with other Scotch Beef and Lamb farmers to share advice?

Yes, all the time at livestock sales and agricultural shows. Everyone is very keen to see how other farmers are doing, and we often have visits from farming groups and young farmers club’s at our farm.

What does the term ‘Scotch’ mean to you?

To me, ‘Scotch’ means special. It’s a quality assured product that’s born and raised in the most stunning landscape, reared on quality assured farms with some of the highest welfare standards, and by some of the most dedicated stockmen and women. I am truly passionate about it from conception to consumption.

After working very long hours, you must look forward to quick warming meals. What quick meals would you recommend with Scotch Lamb and Scotch Beef?

For a quick Friday night meal, I’ll make a lovely Scotch Beef rib eye steak or we’ll often have beef fajitas. I also love to make my lamb curry-in-a-hurry made with neck of lamb.

What is your favourite autumnal Scotch Lamb recipe for entertaining friends and family?

In our household it’s the Scotch leg of lamb with garlic and redcurrant sauce that wins every time. We’ll eat it with vegetables such as neep and carrot mash. If Christmas is at our house, the turkey gets a reprieve as we always go for a Scotch Beef rib roast.

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