Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2015 | Week 2

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2015 | Week 2

Belts are being loosened across the nation. It’s the second week of Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, with even more events celebrating Scotland’s delicious national larder (hide the scales, that’s my advice). In last week’s blog I did my bit by sharing some of our tastiest Scotch Lamb dishes, and this week it’s beef’s turn in the limelight.

So to give you a truly democratic representation of Scotland’s favourite Scotch Beef dishes, I asked some of my friends to pitch in and pick their top recipes. They were more than happy to share the love (especially as they’ve frequently eaten them chez moi). Without further ado, here they are.


Beef and Barley Soup
This is extra fabulous because it teams a traditional Scotch Beef soup with gooey golden cheese toasts, grilled to perfection and popped on top. A fantastic meaty appetiser for whatever follows next.

Mediterranean Roasted Field Mushrooms stuffed with Scotch Beef
The Parmesan and mascarpone gives this dish its European title, but really the beef, mushrooms and parsley make this a justifiably Scottish dish. Frankly, delicious.


The perfect Steak Pie
IMG_1203-600x300I shared this recipe last Hogmanay but Steak Pie is great any day of the year, New Year or otherwise. Follow my step-by-step guide to making the most perfect steak pie in the world, ever. (Not that I’m exaggerating or anything.)

Scotch Beef Stovies
STOVIES-600x250Stovies are almost unheard of South of the Border, but this dish is as Scottish as it gets – up there with Haggis, Edinburgh Castle and Sean Connery. This is my granny’s recipe. It’s a firm family favourite and I hope you’ll adopt it, too.


Last week’s blog included some recipes for desserts that taste so good they’re worth repeating. The heavenly combination of whisky, cream and raspberries and toasted oats known to all Scots as Cranachan… classic Scotch Pancakesand delicious Tablet (aka Scottish fudge, another Scottish gem virtually unknown South of the Border) which is perfect with coffee.

And here’s one more for good measure. Baked Raspberry and Bramble Trifle with Drambuie. Drambuie gives it a bit of a thrill!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 09.40.40

Of course these starters and mains taste the best with the highest quality beef you can afford, which is Scotch Beef. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know you don’t have to be living in deepest Aberdeenshire to buy it – so here’s a reminder of all the places you can go to get it. Just look out for the blue stickers. Isn’t it amazing today that we can buy almost anything anywhere (unlike in my granny’s day when you had to eat whatever came out of the nearest field!).

So get stuck into Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2015. And enjoy a bit of sumptuous Scotland on your fork.

Susie x

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