The Great Scotch Beef Meat Up

The Great Scotch Beef Meat Up

I’ll admit it. As much as I love blogging (and I’ll tell you, it’s the absolute highlight of my week, especially when I get to cook!), I’m just as obsessed with spying on other foodie blogs. I can spend days on end scouring the web for inspiration, quirky recipes and reading other foodies’ delightful musings (plus, let’s face it, there’s also the guilty pleasure of getting a sneaky glimpse into their lives).

That’s why at The Scotch Kitchen we’ve decided to start collaborating with other foodie blogs we love, to share ideas, recipes and all sorts of good stuff. We’re basically on a mission to spread the blog love! And it’s already started – we recently invited eight bloggers on a foodie trip to Scotland, to learn all about our gorgeous, great quality meat and spread the word.

So I did what any self-respecting blogger would do, had a little spy on their blogs, and I’m happy to report that the first ever (aptly named) Scotch Beef Meat Up was a success!

Lucie, Lisette, Kate, Kristabel, Lucy, Rachel, Sarah Lou and Kim, with our very own Laurent Vernet as their guide (Laurent, you’re a lucky man!) enjoyed a weekend packed with fun, farm adventures and lots and lots of fabulous food!

Over the two days they got to taste the best that Edinburgh has to offer, with delightful dinners at some of Edinburgh’s best restaurants – Timberyard and The Scran and Scallie.

As well as being personal faves, both restaurants know how important great quality meat is for building their amazing menus, and swear by Scotch Beef and Lamb. Rachel’s and Kate’s pictures of the evening at Timberyard made me want to pick up the phone and book dinner there ASAP – and Lucie even got to try pig’s ear at The Scran and Scallie.

On the second day, the knives came out! The girls headed to the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School for a lesson in the fine art of butchery and to learn some meaty tips! It may not sound like the most graceful pastime, but trust me, it makes a huge difference in understanding the different cuts of meat (more on this in our Lamb and Beef cuts guide).

And the trip wasn’t short of adventure either. Our guests paid a visit to Hardiesmill farm, where farmers Alison and Robin Tuke explained everything about the 100% prime Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef they produce. Lucie has put together some great tips for buying Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef on her blog – including making sure your butcher knows the name of the farm the beef came from, and how to check if your meat is genuine Scotch Aberdeen Angus, or if it had been crossed with another breed.

Being lifestyle (and not just food) bloggers, the girls also managed to squeeze in a mini photo-shoot on the farm (wish I could rock farmhouse chic so effortlessly!), as they explored the surroundings, always careful not to disturb the cattle. Any stress in the cattle’s lives could compromise the quality of the meat. And at Hardiesmill, as with any other Scotch Beef and Lamb farm, happy cattle means happy farmers and, ultimately, happy customers.

Our guests also tried a selection of charcuterie meats, as they learned more about how we work with farms such as Hardiesmill, and what our quality assurance scheme means. For the meat to be classed as Scotch, an animal must be born, reared and processed in Scotland, and at Quality Meat Scotland we work with farms to ensure good welfare of the animals, as well as the farmers.

From matching the right animals for breeding, to ensuring their diet is optimal and that their lives are stress-free, a lot of care and hard work goes into producing high quality meat that can be classed as Scotch Beef or Scotch Lamb, with the all-important PGI status.

We’re pleased that our guest bloggers got to experience first hand what makes Scotch Beef and Lamb so special, helping them spread the word – and it looks like they had a hoot of a time in the process!

If you haven’t already, check out their brilliant blogs. You won’t just find food ideas; from fashion and home décor to travel tips and wanderlust-inducing posts, I think I’ve found more inspiration than my Pinterest boards could ever take!

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PS Search for #ScotchBeefMeatUp on Instagram for more pics (because the rule these days seems to be ‘if there’s no hashtag, it never happened’).

Happy stalking!

Suzie x

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