Top 10 salad recipes

Top 10 salad recipes

Gone are the days when a salad was a serrated iceberg lettuce with some tomatoes and dollops of salad cream, perhaps with a token roll of cold meat and hard boiled egg (although I can’t knock it, that was the summer salads of my childhood). These days, salads can be as adventurous as you are.

Now with spring in full swing, it’s always good to be armed with plenty of delicious, fresh, summery salads that’ll see you right through till winter (goodness, what a depressing thought, it’s not even summer yet, forgive me. I shan’t mention winter again).

Back to sunnier topics. Like my top 10 salad recipes.

1. Rocket salad with minute steakRocket_Salad_header-600x250

2. Lamb pitta saladPITTA-SALAD--600x250

3. Nicoise lamb salad

4. Couscous coated lamb cutlets with pea, bean and asparagus salad

5. Fruity Scotch Beef salad

6. Scotch Beef and roasted vegetable couscous salad605x250_beef_roasted_vegetable_couscous-600x250

7. Roast beef, beetroot and orange salad

8. Scotch Beef salad with red pepper mayonnaise

9. Beef salad with warm orange dressing

10. Chilli Scotch Beef salad with chicory and avocado

What a gorgeous array of salads. Makes me feel healthy just thinking of them. Some are simple, some are posh, some fruity, some spicy. But all of them are delicious. It makes you think ‘why eat anything else?’ Lovely salads like these make you feel like you’re doing something good for your body (with the cheeky knowledge that you’re also pleasing your taste buds). And the even better thing is, the hearty meat in these salads means you’ll never finish your plate unsatisfied and have to pop back to the fridge. Fullness guaranteed.

Do you have any sensational salad recipes? If so then please get in touch below and let me know, the more summery the better!

Happy cooking!

Suzie x

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