Try this sensational surf and turf recipe

Try this sensational surf and turf recipe

There are some food combinations that are perfect together because they grow or are in season together. But, there are some food combinations that are perfect just because you’ve taken one delicious ingredient and paired it with another. My favourite of these matches has to be surf and turf. Prawns and steak – I mean, what’s not to like? When food is this good, it doesn’t need rhyme or reason.

When it comes to your ‘turf’, there’s no other choice than Scotch Beef fillet. It’s a no brainer.


And for your ‘surf’, it’s an idea not to buy the prawns from the supermarket. There is such an influx of prawns from half way around the world that are just watery and tasteless. For this recipe, I’d suggest big, fresh, Scottish langoustines from your fishmonger.


You know, surf and turf may be a famous dish down under, but with these two Scottish ingredients, you really do have the very best of land and sea.

Surf and turf recipe

When I cook this recipe I always serve it with big, buttery corn on the cobs and, chunky chips if I’m pushing the boat out. This corn recipe is the business.


If my extravagance levels have gone completely off the chart, I might even substitute the langoustines for some lobster, but that’s only in a hazy moment of payday madness. (What can I say, some people buy shoes, some buy clothes, I buy delicious food. I stand by my choice.)

Happy cooking!

Suzie x

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