Voilà! Classic French recipes

Voilà! Classic French recipes

The auld alliance stretches back centuries – and I’m not talking about my old pen pal Veronique from my school days. I mean the auld alliance between Scotland and France that started in 12-something-something (history never was my strong point), which basically went like this: we have a common enemy (three guesses who), ergo, we are best friends. Beyond military tactics, over the centuries France and Scotland have shared many good things – architecture, fashion, great rugby matches, wine and food (I’m warming to my theme) to name but a few. It’s no wonder classic French recipes get on famously well with Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb.

So, mon petite chou (term of endearment for all you blog followers), here are 10 classic French recipes for your delectation and appreciation, some where you can use Scotch Beef or Scotch Lamb for the most délicieux taste.

1. Easy French Onion Soup1 French Onion SoupThis starter is utterly French. The secret is caramelising your onions until they are dark and melting. The recipe uses good beef stock, so raid your freezer, buy some ready-made or, if you’re desperate, crumble a stock cube.

2. Moules Marinière2 Moules MariniereThis classic French recipe from Raymond Blanc makes a perfect starter if you like surf before your turf. The step-by-step instructions, especially on preparing the mussels, are helpful for those of us who haven’t made this before. Serve with plenty of crusty French baguette to soak up the gorgeous liquid!

3. Steak Tartare3 Steak_TartareSteak Tartare is a delicious cold main course. It’s not for the faint-hearted or the pregnant because it’s raw beef. So, of course, it’s got to be top quality, melt-in-the-mouth Scotch Beef fillet.

4. Blanquette de Veau (veal)4 Blanquette de VeauRustle up this classic French dish the Easy Way or the Chef’s Way (translated: cheaper or pricey), the chef’s way meaning sweetbreads and shavings of black truffle. They certainly add a je ne sais quoi to this beautiful veal stew.

5. Hachis Parmentier
5 Hachis ParmentierThis French take on Shepherd’s Pie is truly delicious (cue sun-kissed lambs skipping beside a burgeoning vineyard, if you forgive me mixing my seasons). The original recipe by Francophile Dorie Greenspan is enhanced by food blogger Mardie and her culinary adventures on Eat.Live.Travel.Write. (Mardie cooks for Jamie, so is well worth following.)

6. Steak Diane6 Steak DianeThis is one of my favourite classic French dishes. It has endured through all the food fads over the decades. The brandy… the cream… the garlic… the mushrooms… and the mouth-watering Scotch Beef steak. As well as the sauce recipe, here’s a reminder of how to cook a Scotch Beef steak to perfection.

7. Beef Cassoulet7 Beef CassouletNow I know, strictly speaking, cassoulet is made with duck, but this version featuring Scotch Beef looks irresistible.

8. Cheese Soufflé8 Cheese SouffleTypical French cooking is as much about cheese as it is about meat. Ironically, this intense and tasty recipe for Cheese Soufflé from the bon appétit website uses Italian Parmesan and Swiss Gruyère cheese, but it seemed like a good idea to include it!

9. Beef Bourguignon9 Beef Bourguignon 600x400We couldn’t share France’s finest dishes without including this classic. Follow my recipe from last summer and you can’t go wrong (I still can’t pronounce bourguignon very well).

10. Navarin d’agneau10 Navarin d'agneauThis tasty recipe for Navarain d’agneau is especially for those of you who don’t like garlic, as it’s unusual to come across a French recipe without any. (It is, however, typically French thanks to the wine!)

One cheeky extra recipe for good measure, because I’m the kind of gal who has to have an extra helping of everything.

GourgèresgougeresTry pronouncing Gourgères with your mouth stuffed full of these gorgeous little cheese puffs (maybe it will help, in my case)!

Of course, when any recipe calls for meat, you know you get the best taste from the best quality. Choose Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb every time.

Before I go, if you’re unsure which wine goes with which classic French recipe, try this handy article for pairing wine & food. This article’s great too – 50 ways to be French.

Let me know how you get on. I’m sure you’ll agree that Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and classic French recipes make a great alliance!

Bon appétit!

Suzie x

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