Nutrition & Health

Nutrition and Health

Red meat, which includes beef, lamb and pork is a natural source of many essential nutrients, and has an important role to play in a healthy balanced diet.
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Balanced Diet

Lean red meat can form part of a healthy balanced diet which contains plenty of fruit, vegetables and starchy foods such as wholemeal bread and brown rice; some protein rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and lentils; and some dairy foods.


Red meat is naturally nutrient rich, providing protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins amongst others. Beef, in particular, is a valuable source of easily absorbed iron. Research has shown that women and young girls are most at risk of iron-deficiency.

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Portion sizes

The government recommends eating up to 70g (cooked weight) of red meat per day and the majority of people in the UK are within this target. Remember most red meat dishes can be frozen so this can help with storing leftovers and advance meal preparation.

A healthy dose of inspiration

Choosing the best and healthiest food for your family isn’t always easy. Adults and children have different tastes and expectations. On our Good Family Food page you can find inspiration, recipes and tips on getting the whole family eating a whole lot better. Go to Good Family Food.

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