Steak Fajitas

Steak Fajitas



  • 500 g Scotch Beef PGI skirt steak

  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin

  • Pinch dried chilli flakes

  • Grating of black pepper

  • Pinch salt

  • Juice of a small lime

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 2 smallish onions, halved lengthwise, untrimmed

  • 1 red and 1 yellow sweet pepper, halved lengthwise, stalks left intact


  • 1 large ripe avocado

  • 6 sweet cherry tomatoes, halved

  • 1/2 red chilli, seeded and chopped

  • A few coriander leaves

  • Pinch salt

  • Juice and 1 tsp grated zest of a lime


  • 8 small or 4 large wheat or corn soft tortillas

  • 100 g grated cheddar

  • 1 small tub half fat crème fraîche

  • Some extra torn coriander leaves

Cooking Method

Steak Fajitas are the ultimate sharing meal, easy to prepare and delicious. Let everyone help themselves to a tortilla, some peppers and onions and a heap of steak slices. Top with a dollop of guacamole, a spoon of crème fraîche and a sprinkle of cheese and coriander. Roll the whole thing up and eat while still warm.


  1. Mix together all the marinade ingredients and rub it over the whole piece of steak, set aside for an hour or so if you have the time, a bit less won’t matter.
  2. Make the guacamole. Spoon the avocado out onto a chopping board with the cherry tomatoes, chilli and coriander leaves and chop everything together fairly finely with your sharpest knife. (It’s nice to see dots of colour in the chopped guacamole although you could whizz it all together in a food processor if you don’t trust your knife skills!) Scrape the avocado mixture into a bowl and season with the salt and lime. Cover closely with film to prevent discolouration. Chill till needed
  3. Wrap the stack of tortillas in a large piece of foil and seal ready to heat either in a hot oven or on the barbecue.
  4. Light the barbecue and when the coals are ready, begin by cooking the onion and sweet pepper turning regularly until the onions are tender and the skins on the peppers are blistered and slightly charred in places. Remove to a plate and cover with cling film for 10 minutes or so when the pepper skins will easily slip off. Remove the outer onion skin and roots Slice the skinned peppers and onions and cover on a serving plate to pile onto the tortillas when the steak is cooked.
  5. Pat the steak with kitchen paper to absorb surface moisture before placing over the hot barbecue coals, cook for 3 minutes each side then repeat for another 3 minutes each side, or until seared and brown but still soft.
  6. Warm the pack of tortillas.
    Slice the steak obliquely against the grain of the muscle and pile onto a warm plate.


Where can I buy Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork?

Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork are available at most supermarkets, usually at the butcher counter. Just ask the counter staff if you’re not sure.

You can also buy Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork at independent butchers.

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